Who is Parsifal Parnassus and what is an OperaVagabond?

The OperaVagabond was a short-lived zine from the mid-1990’s. As a personal zine, the OV was a chronicle of the real-life experiences of “Stefano”, a tenor and cast member of a national broadway touring company.

Zines were the “blogs” of the low-tech, low-income, writer-wannabes who thrived in the fin de siècle. Thousands of zines exchanged hands and filled mail trucks during the mid-90’s. Most of which were crudely assembled using thrift-store typewriters, glue sticks, unattended copy machines, and personally mailed out to our adoring and loyal fans.

Parisfal Parnassus is the 21st Century cyber incarnation of “Stefano”. Parisfal evokes the wandering hero from Richard Wagner’s final opera who searches for redemption. Parnassus is a mountain in ancient Greece sacred to Dionysus and home to the Muses.

We breathe the same air of this orphan world.
This, then, is our design. Now give heed
to its unfolding.
(shouting towards the stage)
On with the show! Begin!